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Additional $10 for Paraffin hand treatment to any Mani

Natural Mani** 

Shellac Mani (or gel polish)

Express Mani

Keratin Waterless Shellac Mani**

(Nail Strengthening & Skin Nourishing)


Including Mineral Mask, Paraffin treatment

Dead Sea Mineral Mani

Hot Stone Mani for Him   

Herbal Journey Mani

Refreshing Cucumber Mani

SuperMint Mani

Citrus Deluxe Mani

Café Latte Mani 

Add Shellac to any Organic Mani


Dipping Powder Set

Healthy for your natural nails by adding Calcium and Vitamin E 

Acrylic Full Set

Acrylic Fills

Hybrid Natural Full Set

Hybrid Natural Fills

Pink & White Gel Full Set

Pink & White Gel Fills

Ombré Powder Full Set

Solar Gel Full Set 

Solar Gel Fills

Crystal Gel Full Set

Crystal Gel Fills

Acrylic Gel Powder Full Set

Acrylic Gel Powder Fills


Classic Pedicure

Princess Pedicure (under 12)

Natural Pedicure**

Natural Pedicure includes callus treatment, sugar exfoliate, hot stone massage and mineral mask. 

Keratin Waterless Shellac Mani**

This pedicure is specialized towards giving the most care without all the irritation and concern; rather, wooden orange sticks will be used for any necessary cuticle care. Our mild mask that restores your skin towards resilience. Furthermore, it is relieved of any muscle aches with our hot stone massage.  


Ooh-la-la Organic Pedicures include: callus treatment, sugar scrub, hot stone massage, and mineral mask

Hydrating Dead Sea Mineral Pedicure**

The Dead Sea has always been a topic of health, and with the help of nature, we bring the same benefits that you would get if you were there. Give your legs the clarity that can only come from this detoxifying mask. Naturally being hypoallergenic due to its saline nature; it aids in drawing out free radicals and negative ions 

Green Earth Pedicure

Our aromatic soak synergizes with the fortified mask; taking this simplistic approach, you will feel much better after the herbal soak starts working away your stress and those vitamins and minerals restores your skin and your spirit back to good health 

Mommy-To-Be Pedicure

Specialized for that special someone. This pedicure utilizes the power of massage to help reduce the swelling of maternity and using aromas to entice relaxation. This will definitely prepare you for the future that is to come!  

The Hot Stone Pedicure for Men

Enjoy a robust mineral mask that doesn’t have an abundance of fragrance, keeping the essentials geared towards gentlemen of all ages, thus improving circulation, and the overall appearance.


Organic Hand-Crafted Pedicures include: aloe soak, callus treatment, individualized sugar scrub, hot stone massage, mineral mask, shea moisturizer, paraffin treatment and One-of-a-kind peel off mask

Organic Herbal Journey Pedicure

Using a holistic approach, combining the natural oils and the antioxidants of herbs and floral notes; the combination of chamomile for reducing inflammation, and oatmeal for hydration. This pedicure provides an earthly experience with a subtle aroma that is sure to please. 

Super Mint Pedicure**

A crowd pleaser that you can feel and smell! The eucalyptus extract helps penetrate through the sorest of muscles; blended with peppermint extract, you are sure to feel the mental clarity it provides you. Combining these into a service that immerses you and doesn’t overwhelm you. You will be feeling the benefits long after. 

Brightening Citrus Deluxe

Looking for an effective experience that is also gratifying? We have packed so much vitamin C into this service that we will have you craving it. The marriage of lemon, limes, oranges and other citrus fruits provide a unique experience that will leave your skin radiating. You will be more focused towards your other responsibilities and a little less concerned about your feet after this.

Refreshing Cucumber Pedicure**

Indulge in the resilience of cucumber with its naturally hydrating properties and cooling sensation. It might seem gentle, but it packs a punch towards damaging free-radicals and is largely associated with cleansing the body. Start combating aging with the help of the cucumber. Your legs will thank you and so will your spirit. 

Refreshing Herbal Berry Pedicure**

The ultimate indulgence for your toes soaking in our aroma therapeutic bath with fresh slices of oranges, cucumbers and strawberries, garnished with our signature herbs. Settling down to a soothing lavender scrub to relieve anxiety and promote mental acuity. Composed of four main elements, you receive a balanced approach to bringing your toes back to tip top shape. 

Green Tea Defense Pedicure

Fight back against free-radicals with green tea. This delicate, yet potent botanical can also make anything smell uplifting and classy. Also with its anti-microbial and soothing agents, it will be a must-have for those with sensitive and acne prone skin!

Energizing Café Latte Pedicure**

The robust fragrance of coffee beans is associated with alertness, but we have formulated our service to be a truly relaxing experience. Caffeine is known for its anti-inflammatory results and in turn increasing blood circulation. It can reduce the appearance of scars and blemishes while exfoliating with coffee grounds. This decadent treat excels at pleasing your nose and your spirit with delicious fragrances of chocolate, honey and espresso.  

Romantic Rose Rendezvous Pedicure

It’s the traditional rose with an exotic twist. Indulge in the sensual fragrance of rose, and its extract; which is known to soothe nerves and hydrate skin with a light and one-of-a-kind effect. 

Rejuvenating Organic Detox Pedicure

This pedicure use bentonite and kaolin clay in harmony to rid your feet of stress, help circulation of oxygen, purge your body of heavier elements and toxins that could cause harm. During that process the clay also contains high amounts of essential minerals such as potassium, calcium, silicates, and many others. As an added bonus, it naturally serves as a poultice for calming burns, itching, and insect bites.

Blossom of Happiness

Let all your dreams and wishes come true, at least for your nails! Enjoy the abundance of delicate fragrances and visual appeal of floral arrangements that will entail the start of something more positive. Transform that stress into joy when you are soaking and tending towards your immediate needs with botanical scents.


Collagen benefit:

*Younger looking skin with antioxidant 

*Restore skin's cushion and smoothing fine lines.

*Provide strength, flexibility and resistance to help skin's firmness.

*Reinforces the protective outer layer-keeps skin healthy

Home care kit will be provided.

Please call our salon at (316-558-5888) for Collagen Pedicures' prices



Escape Facial

This 30 minute mini-organic facial is for the person on the go who just need the basics: cleansing, steam, exfoliation, facial mask and moisturizing depending on your skin condition and type. The perfect lunch break or quick fix facial. 

Natural Beauty Classic Facial

This classic organic facial treatment is everything a facial should be and more! Perfect for all skin types, especially dry, sensitive, aging, environmentally-stressed, and acne. This classic treatment results in a glowing complexion and a feel of wee-being and inner balance.

SpaRenity Signature Facial**

A customized Facial for all skin types and condition with targeted treatment. Skin care analysis with a deep cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction to promote healing and create a balanced pH level which giving the skin the purest glow. Using our one-of-a-kind peel off mask to nourish, hydrate, and rejuvenate the skin. Enjoy the signature facial with our hot stone facial massage. Finally, you will be pampered with full arm massage that starts from the tip of your figures all the way to your neck.

Gentleman’s Facial

Restore health and vitality to dull, fatigued or problem skin. Our men’s facial includes a deep pore cleansing and exfoliation, plus a soothing massage and organic skin care products for a specific treatment mask to nourish and protect the skin.






Full Face


Half arms

Full arms

Half Legs

Full Legs

Bikini Line




Bring focus to those gorgeous eyes with thicker, longer, more defined eye lashes- no mascara or eyelash curler necessary. Perfect for special occasions, tropical vacations, and everyday wear.

Individual Natural Look

Individual Full Look

Individual Dramatic Look

Eyelash Removal


Relaxing (55 minutes)

Deep Tissue (60 minutes)

Hot Stone (70 minutes)

Sugar Scrub Full Body Massage**

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